In an interview with Kara Swisher on her podcast Sway, Matze said the site moderates content by presenting it to a jury of five users who decide if a post should be removed. It’s a slow-moving process in internet time, taking sometimes up to 48 hours, Matze said. Also, if a violent comment doesn’t get get liked, or get some other interaction, the comment may take even longer to get reviewed.

For some groups, it will also be necessary to receive approval from an administrator in order to participate. In order to participate in some groups, you might be required to have a bank card connected with your account so as to verify your identity. Later on in the article you’ll find a section dedicated to this subject.

Wechat For Pc Faq (frequently Asked Questions)

All you need is to download and install the app from check out this tutorial your app store. Create a WeChat account and activate the WeChat Pay to enjoy a range of feature for different payment situations. As one of the standalone apps in the app messaging market, WeChat has a user base of millions and it is expanding tremendously. WeChat enables users to have exchange messages and calls and it is available for free on Google Play app store.

  • this was the case until PBOC stopped this practice, instead asking all transactions via these ‘third party payment’ apps to be settled via a centralized clearing house .
  • They enable a lean approach, at a much more affordable cost than launching on B2C marketplaces such as Tmall or via offline distributors.
  • In WeChat’s case, a U.S. district court judge issued a temporary stay against the ban, while TikTok owner ByteDance is in the process of finalizing a complicated deal with Oracle.
  • American companies such as Google cannot work with Huawei, which again means that Huawei phones no longer can be delivered with the Google applications pre-installed.

As a ban on WeChat and other apps originating in China looms, companies who do business in China and iPhone users in the country are concerned about how the ban could impact device sales and daily device usage. A partial WeChat ban could mean that companies like Apple could offer it in their China app stores and businesses like Starbucks Corp. could continue to sell coffee or accept payment via the app in China. The intention is to prohibit any downloads or updates of the WeChat app from U.S. app stores, two of the people said.

A Letter To Wechat Data Protection Office

Yes, WeChat app has two versions within the same app We have updated the article with the difference between the local Chinese Weixin and international Wechat app. The official wechat website lists the companies that accept this payment method. It is limited to a handful of airlines and a few related businesses.